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Discovered Studio focused on our partnership with a client in the energy industry, where our goal was to generate over 65 leads per day for air source heat pumps through targeted paid advertising across the Meta platform.

Client Background:

Our client, a forward-thinking player in the energy sector, sought to promote air source heat pumps and capitalise on the growing interest in sustainable energy solutions. The client's primary objectives were to generate a minimum of 65 daily leads while adhering to a predefined cost per lead (CPL) budget. This was to ensure the internal sales team diary was filled.

Campaign Strategy:

Discovered Studio crafted a comprehensive paid advertising strategy on Meta, with a particular focus on both Facebook and Instagram, to maximise reach and engagement. Our strategy included the following key elements:

Audience Segmentation: We segmented the target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviours, ensuring that our ads reached individuals with a genuine interest in adopting eco-friendly energy solutions like air source heat pumps.

Compelling Messaging: The ad creatives highlighted the numerous benefits of air source heat pumps, such as energy efficiency, reduced carbon footprint, and long-term cost savings.

Government Grant Emphasis: Leveraging the ongoing government initiatives and grants for sustainable energy solutions, our ads emphasised the financial incentives available to individuals considering air source heat pumps. This information served as a powerful motivator for potential leads.

Ad Placement Optimisation: Continuous monitoring and strategic adjustments were made to optimise ad placements, ensuring maximum visibility among the target audience.


The campaign yielded outstanding results, surpassing both lead generation targets and budgetary constraints:

Exceeded Lead Generation Goal: The campaign consistently generated over 80 high-quality leads per day, significantly exceeding the client's initial target of 65 leads.

Cost-Effective Performance: Despite the ambitious lead generation goal, Discovered Studio maintained a cost per lead well within the allocated budget, showcasing our commitment to efficient budget management.

Client Satisfaction: The client was delighted with the campaign's success, not only in terms of lead quantity but also in the quality of leads generated.


Discovered Studio's strategic approach to paid advertising on Meta platforms, combined with a focus on the benefits of air source heat pumps and government grants, delivered exceptional results for our client in the energy sector.

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