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Focus Training is a prominent training provider offering a wide range of professional development courses across various industries. With a strong commitment to delivering high-quality training experiences, Focus Training had been facing challenges in efficiently managing learners and bookings. Their existing systems were fragmented, leading to manual errors, communication gaps, and administrative inefficiencies. Recognising the need for a comprehensive mobile solution, Focus Training turned to Digitus for assistance.

24h booking and payment management.

Digitus commenced the project by conducting thorough research and understanding Focus Training's specific requirements, pain points, and desired outcomes. Digitus formulated a comprehensive solution to address the challenges faced by Focus Training and drive operational efficiency.

User-Focused Design: Digitus adopted a user-centric approach, focusing on creating an intuitive and visually appealing mobile app interface. By conducting user research and usability testing, Digitus ensured that the app's design and navigation catered to the needs and preferences of both learners and administrators. The interface was designed to be clean, accessible, and user-friendly, facilitating smooth interactions and enhancing user satisfaction.

Learner Management System: Digitus developed a robust learner management system within the mobile app, providing Focus Training with a centralised platform to store and access learner data. Administrators could easily add, update, and manage learner profiles, track progress, and generate reports. Learners themselves could access their profiles, view course information, track progress, and receive notifications about upcoming courses.

Booking Automation: To streamline the booking process, Digitus integrated an automated booking system into the mobile app. Learners could browse course catalogs, view available dates and times, and book their preferred courses directly from the app. The system would automatically update availability, send booking confirmations, and manage waitlists, minimising manual intervention and improving accuracy.

The collaboration between Digitus and Focus Training yielded significant improvements in learner and booking management. The mobile app revolutionised the way Focus Training handled its operations, resulting in a range of positive outcomes:

Improved Efficiency: The automated learner management system reduced administrative burdens, minimising manual errors, and ensuring accurate learner data management.

Streamlined Bookings: The automated booking system simplified the booking process, allowing learners to easily find and secure course slots, while reducing administrative effort.

Enhanced User Experience: Learners and administrators benefited from a user-friendly mobile app interface, offering convenience, accessibility, and real-time notifications.

Scalable Solution: The mobile app built by Digitus provided a scalable solution, accommodating future growth and evolving needs of Focus Training.

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