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Medical booking platform across desktop, tablet & mobile.

BookMyClinic reached out to Discovered to develop a comprehensive medical booking platform integrated with a CRM system. Recognising the need for an efficient and solution in the healthcare industry, Discovered created a custom platform that streamlined the appointment booking process and integrated seamlessly with BookMyClinic's existing CRM.

The partnership resulted in the successful development of a medical booking platform that enhanced patient experience, optimised workflow efficiency, and improved customer relationship management.

To address the challenges faced by the client and deliver an efficient medical booking platform with CRM integration, Digitus implemented the following strategies:

Platform Development: Digitus developed a custom medical booking platform that allowed patients to search for healthcare providers, view availability, and book appointments. The platform featured an intuitive interface, streamlined appointment selection, and confirmation process, enhancing the overall user experience.

CRM Integration: Digitus seamlessly integrated the medical booking platform with BookMyClinic's CRM system. This integration enabled real-time synchronisation of patient data, appointment details, and automated updates, facilitating efficient customer relationship management and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Data Security Measures: Digitus implemented robust data security measures to protect patient information. They ensured compliance with industry standards for data security and privacy, including encryption protocols, secure storage, and adherence to applicable healthcare regulations. the end solution was also verified by a 3rd part Penetration test.

The collaboration between Digitus and BookMyClinic yielded several positive outcomes and business impacts:

Enhanced Patient Experience: The medical booking platform provided a seamless experience for patients, allowing them to easily find and book appointments with healthcare providers. The streamlined process improved patient satisfaction and engagement.

Improved Workflow Efficiency: The CRM integration facilitated automated updates and real-time synchronisation of patient data, optimising administrative processes and reducing manual data entry. This resulted in improved workflow efficiency and time savings for clinic staff.

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management: The CRM integration empowered BookMyClinic to effectively manage customer relationships and track patient interactions. Access to comprehensive patient data enabled personalised communication, targeted marketing, and improved customer retention.

Data Security and Compliance: The implementation of robust data security measures ensured the protection of sensitive patient information, compliance with healthcare industry regulations, and enhanced trust in the platform.

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