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Credit online and in-store across Europe.

Discovered and Edinburgh Woollen Mill (EWM) developed a credit app for their customers all over Europe. With a high number retail outlets in-store and online, EWM aimed to offer its customers a seamless and convenient credit solution.

Our expertise in app development and financial technology, allowed Discovered to partner with EWM to create a robust credit app that integrated with multiple retailers, both online and in-store

A prominent retail company with a diverse portfolio of brands across Europe.


Edinburgh Woollen Mill is a prominent retail company with a diverse portfolio of brands across the UK. Recognising the importance of providing a flexible payment option to their customers, EWM sought to develop a credit app that would simplify the purchasing process, boost customer engagement, and drive loyalty. They engaged Digitus, as an experienced app development company, to transform their vision into reality.


EWM faced several challenges in building the credit app and integrating it with their extensive network of retailers:

. Seamless Integration: The app needed to seamlessly integrate with EWM's diverse range of brands and retailers, both in-store and online. It required a unified system that could handle credit applications, approvals, and payments across multiple platforms, including all physical till points.

. User Adoption: With a vast customer base, EWM aimed to achieve high user adoption of the credit app. They sought to create an app that would offer a compelling value proposition and an intuitive user experience to encourage customer uptake.

. Scalability: EWM anticipated a significant number of users, with an projected 3+ million in the first year alone. The app needed to be built with scalability in mind, ensuring it could handle high volumes of transactions and user interactions without compromising performance.


To address the challenges faced by EWM and build a successful credit app, Digitus implemented the following strategies:

. Comprehensive Retailer Integration: Digitus developed a credit app that seamlessly integrated with EWM's extensive network of retailers, both in-store and online. The app provided a unified platform for customers to apply for credit, receive approvals, and make payments across all EWM brands, offering a consistent experience across different channels.

. Design: Digitus focused on creating an intuitive user experience within the credit app. They conducted extensive user research, ensuring the app's design and functionality catered to the needs and preferences of EWM's diverse customer base. The app featured easy credit application processes, personalised offers, and convenient payment options, enhancing customer engagement and adoption.

. Scalable Infrastructure: Digitus built the credit app with scalability in mind, employing robust infrastructure and backend systems to handle a large number of users and transactions. The app's architecture was designed to support high volumes of data and traffic, ensuring smooth performance and reliability as user adoption increased.


The collaboration between Digitus and EWM resulted in the successful development and launch of a credit app that integrated seamlessly with multiple retailers. Through comprehensive retailer integration, scalable infrastructure, and high user adoption, Digitus helped EWM achieve its goals of providing a convenient credit solution to its diverse customer base. The credit app's positive impact on customer experience, operational efficiency, and revenue generation positioned it as a valuable asset for EWM, driving customer loyalty and supporting business growth.

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